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Fashion stylist

Do you want to feel attractive and confident in any situation?

You need to prepare for an important job interview, get trust of the client, surprise your partner or be the star at a party?

Trust our care and we will create your own unique style
that will impress everyone.


My name is Šárka Štursová and I am in a fashion industry for 10 years. By now my services use all types of media from TV channels to online magazines as well as print.

Besides I am invited to shoot movies, commercials or various kinds of photoshoots. I also provide training for corporate clients and individuals. I want my clients to feel in my presence as natural as possible and to find a reflection of their true personality also in the new image.

My goal is not to push on big changes, but to discover new ways for everyone.

And this path should be fun, exciting and beneficial, nice experience, that everyone likes to remember.


Wardrobe stylist and consultatioN

Our goal is your new routine. Every morning you come to the closet, quickly and with pleasure you choose what suits you needs the best and is in a balance withou your mood.That is exactly how your wardrobe should work. Without long decision and negative feelings.With my help you figure out, what should stay and what is missing.You can expect a completely individual approach to match your criteria and options.


Personal shopping with stylist

My goal is to get rid of disappointmentand embarrassment when shopping and save your wallet from unnecessary and unthinking purchases. I will teach you which cuts, materials and patterns are ideal for your body type and style.Thanks to the fact, that I am going to the stores very often, I know exactly where to find the pieces you need, what to try on and what is better to leave on the hangers.The entire shopping experience will make it more pleasant takes less time than you do yourself.

Závěsné oblečení


Is there a major life or social event? Are you going to an important interview or meeting, but do not you have time to go to the shops to choose a suitable combination of clothes?Leave it to me! Right to your home I deliver 3 outfits chosen specifically for you. In peace and comfort, you can try them out and decide together with me which one will make you a real star.Such a moment can occur at any time, and solve this moment can be stressful. But thanks to me, you can easily enjoy preparation for the big event.

Svatební obuv

Wedding styling

Wedding and its preparation is one of the most beautiful moments of life. Do you want to enjoy them in peace and be sure that everything will fit you, but also the groom, and all the accessories will be great together?Together we sit down and talk about your fashion and lifestyle and what your dream wedding is. With a personal approach, I get a better idea of what could be ideal for your big day.What perfectly suits your personality, underscores your charms and fits into the whole wedding day.

Where to go next ? (cz)

Offer of the services is even wider, so for any further questions and details please contact me on both email or phone.

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